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Unpacking umbrellas meant the monsoons were finally here and we left no chance to let our customers shine all the way with our jewellery trend. There's always the happy realisation that just as seasons change, so do situations. Kalasha always wished to see its customers with the hearts filled with joy.

This Aashada Masam we offered our beloved customers an exchange carnival which benefited them in giving a new look and a complete makeover to their jewellery. Aashada Masam Exchange Carnival by Kalasha Fine Jewels lasted from 12th July to 12th August which allowed the customers to exchange old gold with the finest of Kalasha at an absolute 0% deduction on the former. The joy of giving up on the old and gearing up the new, refreshing and amazing left the customers satisfied.

As per our vision, we are a regional brand; our focus is always on catering our exquisite jewellery designs all over the country which are hardly found elsewhere. We showcased our south Indian jewellery collection at “The Statement Show 2018”, which was held during 14th to 16th July, in the City of Pearls, Hyderabad, which stood out of the crowd. The Bollywood Actress Ms Kiara Advani and many more prominent people visited our stall & were astonished by the collection we hold.

It’s a privilege to support 300 women entrepreneurs and being a part of international MSME Day held on 27th June. Womenergy association released “WE AIM HER MARKET”, a sovereign book showcasing 50 MSME (Micro, small & medium enterprises) women entrepreneurs, with the support of Kalasha Fine Jewel. Mr Vatsala Mishra, officer of special duty to principal secretary, industry and commerce, Government of Telangana was part of the launch.

We are coming up with the most elegant temple jewellery, and also silver articles which you will find nowhere else in the twin cities. Make your festive month memorable by adding the temple jewellery to your jewel box.

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The Ethereal See

Throughout the history of Indian jewellery, no gem has been as prolifically used as the pearl. Hardly any image in sculpture or painting is represented without a string of pearls or ornaments utilizing pearls. So versatile was the gem that delicate screens woven with pearls to decorate pillars and doorways are described in the Mahabharata.

In Vedas pearls are referred as krsana, the term derived from krs or that which becomes emaciated. This is probably why, in spite of the fact that pearls were abundantly available and used in such great quantities, very few ancient pearls have survived.

The demand for pearls in India from ancient times has been insatiable. Most of the domestic produce was appropriated by the local rulers of the pearl-rich regions themselves or exported to other parts of the country.

The entire ancient trade in pearls was monopolized by the Indians, who also acquired large quantities of pearls from the fisheries of the Persian Gulf.

GUTTAPUSAL (Necklace of bunches of pearls) South India, Andhra Pradesh; early 20th century Private Collection.

Bunches of small pearls(gutta) pierced as beads (pusal). This ornament form and name oriented in areas close to the ancient pearl fisheries along the Coromandel coast.

The most popular jewel for the ear in the north has been the Karanphool, with the flower motif in the centre of the ornament. The Jhumka in the shape of a bell has also been separately worn. It was only during the Moghul period, however, that the Karanphool Jhumka evolved as a single jewel for the ear, each region having its own special embellishment added to the basic design.

GUTTAPUSAL  at Kalasha
Fine Jewels
Price: 20,50,000 INR
Gross Weight: 393.270



One of the emerging jewellery trends this year is the use of baroque pearls to create contemporary jewels with an edge. These irregularly shaped pearls were largely used for fashion jewellery during the past 20 years or so primarily because of the increase of cultured fresh and salt water pearls making them extremely affordable. However, during the past decade fine jewellery designers and artists have been finding new uses for these pearls, which are available in a near endless palette of shapes and colours. In their natural state many white or light-coloured baroque pearls exhibit a subtle and constantly changing of rainbow-like colours, similar to an opal. Jewellery artists are keeping them in their natural shapes or carving them further to their own liking and pairing them with organic materials. High jewellery designers are pairing them with precious gems, and precious metals and gems. While AAA-quality pearls garner top grades for their round shapes and virtually flawless surfaces, “baroque”, or irregularly shaped, pearls remain a type to treasure among pearlers in the know. That’s because the freeform-silhouette beauties known as baroques bear marvellously uncommon, organic and completely one-of-a-kind. The #1 Piece of Jewellery That Always Make You  Look Rich Elevated pearl pieces are cooler, however, and much more than a continuous string of pleasingly shiny beads. They’re embedded in asymmetric earrings, peppered on chokers, dangling from teeny tiny little earrings or adorning brooches.

Carolina Herrera is a Venezuelan fashion designer known for "Exceptional personal style" and the gorgeous Baroque speaks id off


I bought handmade jewellery from Kalasha Fine Jewels; I am astonished with the designer collection which they hold. It is a must visit place in Hyderabad to shop exclusive handcrafted jewellery. Whether you’re looking for bridal collection or simple daily wear ornaments, you would be very happy to visit Kalasha. Each ornament seems to be crafted with lots of patience and compassion which would add elegance and grace to the ornament.

Kalasha cannot beat the customer service and care! The sales executives truly heard my wants and wishes, and they worked with determination to fulfil them. They made sure that I was comfortable and took a great care.

I would recommend Kalasha Fine Jewels to all my peers. I would find pleasure to visit them again and again.

Ms. Sashi Vangapal

I'm so impressed with the collection of Kalasha Fine Jewels. Mesmerising bridal sets and authentic temple collections just amazed me. Whether you’re looking for bridal collection or simple daily wear ornaments, you would be very happy to visit Kalasha.

Kalasha cannot beat the customer service and care! The sales executives truly heard my wants and wishes, and they worked with determination to fulfil them. They made sure that I was comfortable and took a great care.

I will surely recommend everyone to visit Kalasha Fine Jewels, a place which wins customers heart with the authentic designer collection and the best customer service ever

Ms. Lakshmi Mythri



Aashadam Collection:
The Ashadam collection features expressly designed temple jewellery with its uniqueness and adornment. It has a range of diversified heritage & bridal jewellery starting from traditional wear to the blend of modernisation. Kalasha hosts a myriad of designs based in luxurious metals defined into distinctive aesthetics of designs including the Nizami, Jadau Polki & Kundan, Meenakari, Nakshi, Temple Jewellery and appealing contemporary pieces studded with precisely-cut fine diamonds and gemstones.
Kalasha has everything to offer for the most auspicious moment of your life.

Here are a few of our beautiful offerings :

  1. Heritage jewellery- inspired by royalt
  2. Diamonds - A woman's best friends
  3. Mango Mala - Reflects South Indian tradition
  4. Nakshi & Temple Collection - For divine and exquisite look
  5. Polki - The royal look of Rajkumaris
  6. Guttapusala haram - Trendy choice to look graceful and trendy
  7. Pacchi Jewellery - Aesthetically designed and finely finished intricate art
  8. Kaasula peru - Beautiful assortment reflecting work of art based on various traditions.

Every piece at Kalasha is an eye-catching work of art



3 important checks for buying diamond jewellery - Colour, Cut and Carat.
The shine of a diamond and the precision of it's cut along with its weight determine the worth of a diamond.


Rose gold, when alloyed with other metals during the making, gives a natural reddish hue or a rose colour tinge.
Customize your jewellery with the unique and special rose gold.

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