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Festive mood has been all around and we have welcomed March colorfully with Holi. It has also been a great wedding season in the region.

With a positive focus on the rural economy in Union budget for the year 2018-19, the agricultural sector will be benefitted at large which increases the disposable income and jewellery sales too are expected to rise high.

“True Marriage is a unique joining of souls established in love and arranged by God.” With this beautiful quote in mind, I would like to wish all the newlywed couples a lifetime of happiness, togetherness, and prosperity.

Men have also started incorporating vibrant colors into their outfits for various occasion around weddings and they aren’t shy to flaunt heavy pieces of jewellery as well.

This wedding season, gift your family and friends our new and exclusive Jadau and Diamond designs launched as a part of our auspicious wedding collection “Pavithram”. One more latest launch of ours is “Glora”, A charming collection in 18kt gold and diamonds for working women with products starting at just Rs.25,000/-.

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Jadau jewellery forms one of the major examples of highly skilled craftsmanship which originated in Indo-Gangetic plains. Historically speaking, the tradition of Jadau has been in practice in the states of Rajasthan and Gujarat that flourished extensively during the royal patronage of Mughal era. Considered to be the traditional jewellery of India, Jadau is adorned for various auspicious and special occasions, and during festival celebrations.

Jadau, popularly also known as Kundan, Polki and Uncut diamond work is purely teamwork, where a group of craftsmen implement their skills collectively. Each craftsman carries out a specific task related to the creation of Jadau jewellery. The Chiterias make the basic design, Ghaarias are responsible for engraving and creating holes, Meenakari or enameling is done by the Enameler and Goldsmith takes care of Kundan/Gold. Gems and uncut diamonds are set with 24kt gold foil between stones.

The method is believed to have originated in the royal palaces and made by “Royal Jewellers” who prevailed in the then era in the states of Rajasthan and Gujarat.

A popular variant in Jadau is termed as ‘Bikaneri’ or ‘Jaipur Jewellery’ wherein enameling with vivid colors and designs is on the reverse side of jewellery while the Kundan/Polki setting is on the front.

Recently, in the epic film “Padmavat”, the lead character ‘Padmavathi’ portrayed by Ms.Deepika Padukone was seen wearing extensive and brilliant Jadau jewellery highlighting its influence in the Rajasthani royalty.

Jadau Jewellery by Kalasha: 

Inspired by the Jadau workmanship, we proudly present our piece of excellence which has been designed exclusively and depicts the jewels worn by “Rajput Queens” during the medieval period. The jewellery set that has been shown below is studded with uncut diamonds, dangling pearls and handmade miniature paintings which represent wealth and prosperity. To add a flavour of the south to the design, Emeralds have been adorned.

This magnificent piece available at Kalasha is resplendent with the glory of a bygone era and deserves to be cherished forever!

Weight (Necklace + Ear Rings): 395 gms

Gold Purity: 18kt

Cost: Rs.16 lakhs (approx)



GIA(Gemological Institute of America) celebrated the 10th anniversary of the opening of its gem identification and grading laboratory in Mumbai, India. The state-of-the-art laboratory opened up in 2008 in Bandra Kurla Complex, Mumbai.

The world leader in gem and jewellery education, GIA attracts students from all over the country and the entire globe. Offering programmes and courses associated with diamonds, coloured stones, pearls and jewellery design, GIA provides knowledge and practical skills to translate the love for gems and jewellery into a rewarding career.

Source: Retail Jeweller Market (Vol 9, Issue 1)


“Kalasha Fine Jewels has excellently handcrafted unique jewellery and heritage silver articles. The showroom and its ambiance are extraordinary, especially the VIP lounges are one of its kind in the city. It has been a very beautiful experience at Kalasha.”

Dr. A VijayaSarada Reddy
IIMB Management Course - Holy Mary Group of Institutions
MA, Med, MBA, MPhil(Psy), M.S(Psy),
MS (Counselling & Psychotherapy). Ph.D

"Kalasha is best summarized by classy designer lounges, extravagant jewelry adornments, and wonderful store aesthetics.

The customization feature they provide is one of a kind. A truly royal experience is what I would define Kalasha as!It is a plethora of jewellery adornments that showcases "exquisite craftsmanship and artistic perfection".

Ms. Shashi Vangapalli
Fashion Designer

Ms. Renu Desai

Ms. Ramya Krishnan



Bridal Jewellery - Our exclusive wedding collection ‘Pavithram’ has been an emotional adornment in splendid pre-wedding, wedding and post-wedding ceremonies of many beautiful brides, grooms and their families. New additions to the collection for upcoming wedding season is enthralling buyers. From heavy exclusive wedding jewellery sets to simple solitaire rings, Kalasha has got everything to offer for the most auspicious moment of your life.

Here are a few of our beautiful offerings .

  1. Diamonds - A woman's best friends
  2. Mango Mala - Reflects South Indian tradition
  3. Nakshi & Temple Collection - For divine and exquisite look
  4. Polki - The royal look of Rajkumaris
  5. Guttapusala haram - Trendy choice to look graceful and trendy
  6. Pacchi Jewellery - Aesthetically designed and finely finished intricate art
  7. Kaasula peru - Beautiful assortment reflecting work of art based on various traditions.



Over time, platinum jewellery tends to develop a layer called Patina which takes on a grayish matte look. However, the shine can be restored by simple polishing.


Amethyst, is known to be a violet variety of quartz that’s usually used in jewellery which displays colors and ranges from pale lilac to deep purple. It is a perfect symbol that represents virtue and dignity.

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