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Season's Greetings of New Year and Pongal!

It's a cold winter in the region. With wedding season around the corner, I am sure the summer heat is to come with shopping and
preparations. The jewellery industry has very much anticipated a fall in the price of gold owing to expectation of custom duty cut by Central Govt. of India but there seems to be no scope for downing now as the decision has been kept on hold by the ministry.

As we enter the New Year with great expectations and hope, here is a quick recap of the previous year at Kalasha Fine Jewels. The grand inauguration of our flagship store spread over three magnificent floors has taken place in the month of April.

We have launched “Swarna Kalasham” Savings Scheme in the month of June in Novotel, Visakhapatnam and Ms. Jenny Honey (Actress) has helmed the event. Our intention behind Swarna Kalasham is bestowing customers with a wide range of benefits and flexibility in jewellery purchase. Save Small, Buy Great! In July, at ‘One Up’ Exhibition Zone in Level 2 of our store, we flagged off 'Bangle & Earring Utsav' showcasing a fantastic range of collection which has left the guests elated.

We have taken measures to reach out to clients across Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka, Tamil Nadu and Telangana during the previous year by showcasing our arrays of collection in the cities of Bengaluru, Visakhapatnam, Vijayawada, Chennai and a few districts. The response from all over has been amazing for our hand-crafted designs and intricate craftsmanship. I shall share with you in the next issue images from some of these events. I hope you are enjoying reading TWO CENTS by Kalasha and also finding it informative.

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Jewelled Journey

In Iranian fables, “Huma” or “Homa” is a mythical and legendary bird dating back to the Zoroastrian period.

Its special characteristic was that once in every 500 years, approximately, it burnt itself and rose once again in youthful freshness from own ashes, symbolizing immortality or resurrection. The bird is a paragon of excellence and beauty. It is said that this bird neither rests nor touches the Earth but is in perpetual flight. Whomsoever its shadow
falls on will be King. It is believed to have lived its entire life in the sky and never alighted on ground.

About 600 years ago from countries like Iran and Persia, Mughals brought Huma bird ornaments to India. It was a common motive in ‘Sufi’ and ‘Diwan’ poetry. This bird pattern had inspired showpieces, rings, turban ornaments, pendants, perfume bottles and kajal boxes. With the evolving times, variations were made in designs and stone settings. Eventually the Huma pattern was replaced by parrots, peacocks and falcons. Jewellery was crafted in Kundan & Nakshi work engraved in pure gold and studded with Rubies, Emeralds, Polki (flat diamonds) and Pearls. This famous bird inspired jewellery was a part of famous collection of renowned king ‘Tippu Sultan’ and ‘Maharani Sita Devi’ of Baroda.

Text abbreviated
(Source: P.No: 105, Dance of the Peacock – Jewellery Traditions of India)
Sunset at Srirangapatam, Mohammad Moienuddin, Orient Longman India, 2000 Tiger of Mysore, Denys Forresst, Chatto&Windus London, 1970

Maharani Sita Devi of Baroda

Huma Jewellery by Kalasha: Inspired by the Huma bird, we made a royal ring in pure gold carved in Kundan technique, studded with rubies, emeralds and polki flat diamonds. It is a 3-
Dimensional bird ring with excellent engraving work all over.



Recovery of large diamonds continues at Lulo with recovery of 103 carat and 83 carat diamonds.
By: Diamond World News Service
Jan 9, 2018 11:07AM
Reference: 15978

Lucapa Diamond Company Limited (ASX: LOM) (“Lucapa” or “the Company”) and its partners Empresa Nacional de Diamantes E.P. (“Endiama”) and Rosas & Petalas have announced the recovery of more large diamonds from the Lulo Diamond Project in Angola. The latest recoveries include diamonds weighing 103 carats and 83 carats, both of which were recovered from Mining Block 8. The 103 carat light brown diamond and 83 carat Type IIa diamond continue to evidence the special nature and potential of the Lulo resource.

The 103 carat diamond is the 9th +100 carat diamond recovered to date from Lulo, the largest being the Angolan record 404 carat 4th February Stone which sold for US$16 million in 2016.

The latest large stone recoveries follow the recovery in November 2017 of two exceptional Type IIa D-colour gems weighing 129 carats and 78 carats (See ASX announcement 13 November 2017).




“Kalasha Fine Jewels has excellently handcrafted unique jewellery and heritage silver articles. The showroom and its ambiance are extraordinary, especially the VIP lounges are one of its kind in the city. It has been a very beautiful experience at Kalasha.”

Sri V.V. Sanyasi Rao
Member - Managing Committee - FTAPCCI

“I have been to Kalasha Fine Jewels recently and learnt that the legacy of Chanda’s and their parent company-CapsGold Pvt. Ltd. began around 117 years ago. Complimenting their century-old experience is the incredible store and spell-binding jewellery designs.”

MVS Rami Reddy
IAS, Deputy Director General, UIDAI, Govt. of India


Ms. Lakshmi Manchu

Ms. Shilpa Reddy


Bridal Jewellery - Our exclusive wedding collection ‘Pavithram’ has been an emotional adornment in splendid pre-wedding, wedding and post-wedding ceremonies of many beautiful brides, grooms and their families. New additions to the collection for upcoming wedding season is enthralling buyers. From heavy exclusive wedding jewellery sets to simple solitaire rings, Kalasha has got everything to offer for the most auspicious moment of your life.
Here are a few of our beautiful offerings.

  1. Diamonds - A woman's best friends
  2. Mango Mala - Reflects South Indian tradition
  3. Nakshi & Temple Collection - For divine and exquisite look
  4. Polki - The royal look of Rajkumaris
  5. Guttapusala haram - Trendy choice to look graceful and trendy
  6. Pacchi Jewellery - Aesthetically designed and finely finished intricate art
  7. Kaasula peru - Beautiful assortment reflecting work of art based on various traditions.

Work Wear Jewellery -Presenting ‘GLORA’, elegant work wear jewellery by Kalasha. Depicting beauty and glory, Glora is a collection that reflects triumph and grace which are the traits of successful women.



Apply cosmetics, perfume & hairspray before wearing jewellery as they contain chemicals that might effect it.


A DIY jewellery tree is an attractive and simple way to organize your necklaces and bracelets

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